Jesse Narens - Intuitive Self Taught Art, Outsider Nature

Through an intuitive, self-developed process, I create art and music with basic materials, and without formal training on any tool or technique.

With no attachment to preconceived ideas, pieces begin without sketches, and progress is made with or without reason.

While most elements are placed with intention, everything is open to change until meaning is found. Pieces are called finished based on feeling, but as life is fluid, so is my process, and any piece that remains in my possession has the potential for its story to be continued at any time...

The images in my work come from a subconscious rendering of my direct observations of Nature from around my home in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond just subject matter, my process and life are all heavily guided by the recurring feelings that I, along with others, have experienced through Nature in moments found only when not looking for anything, but being open to what the universe has to offer.

Yard Dog Gallery - Austin, TX
Riversea Gallery - Astoria, OR

Riversea Gallery - solo show - Astoria, OR
Yard Dog Gallery - "Creak, Crack, Creep" solo show - Austin, TX
The Gallery At Salishan - solo show - Gleneden Beach, OR
Elisabeth Jones Art Center - Portland, OR
Chessman Gallery - "Feral" w/ Ben Soeby - Lincoln City, OR
Riversea Gallery - solo show - Astoria, OR
Ford Gallery - solo show - Portland, OR
Chessman Gallery - "Our Oregon" - Lincoln City, OR
Gallery 135 - solo show - Portland, OR
Yard Dog Gallery - Austin, TX
Rotofugi Gallery - solo show "growth/decay" - Chicago, IL
Concrete Sketchbook - Basingstoke, U.K.
West End Centre - Aldershot, U.K.
True Love Gallery - Seattle, WA
Riversea Gallery - Astoria, OR
Ford Gallery - Recycled Rain Project - Portland, OR
Fiddlehead Gallery - Cleveland, OH
The Hollow Gallery - solo show - Portland, OR
Pony Club Gallery - "Ghost Show" - Portland, OR
Lyrik Cafe - solo show - Portland, OR
Artichoke Gallery - Portland, OR