• robin redbreast

    robin redbreast

    i made a new song called "robin redbreast". its free to download on bandcamp..


    field recordings from my backyard and sounds made in June 2020.

    unintentionally featuring a guitar riff i wrote at fifteen, and
    vocals sampled from a recent recording of my five year old daughter that coincidentally fit with the song.

    cover photo taken by teagan white

  • coast report 6.8.20

    coast report 6.8.20

    found some teeth on the beach. first time back in 3 months since things closed. most of the northern fulmar of the 15+ that were here during the last visit are still here; white feathers turning green, more bone now than flesh.

  • new art book

    new art book

    i have a new art book available here..

    78 pages of paintings, photographs, and thoughts about Nature from dec 2018-feb 2020.

    a period of time spent visiting the same mile of beach weekly to witness it change; unknowingly begun after discovering a group of particularly haunting dead baby seabirds, and abruptly ended by the governments poor response to the covid-19 pandemic.

    some scientific identification, coastal folk knowledge from Oregon artist Ben Soeby, a poem by Teagan White, but mostly dead seabirds and driftwood.

    something for the outsider naturalists..