• 5|10|2022


    Visiting burned forests, they are full of life and growth.
    i find the black bark and abundance of woodpeckers beautiful and intriguing, but i miss the feelings given to me by the now gone blue-greens.. the old ferns and mosses, the sheltering trees..
    i no longer sense a beckoning to stay. The forest seems too busy with new things to care to say much to me.

    3 minutes of water in reverse from a river in a burned forest.

  • 2|14|2022



    Went outside on this day last year after a couple of days spent without power from an ice storm that brought down more trees in the area than any weather event in the last 30 years.
    Noticed a plant covered in ice, and was able to gently remove this single piece. It shattered when i tried placing it down for a better photo...

    Temperatures started being recorded around here in 1940, and this year there were record breaking highs in the 60s over the last few days.

  • 5|15|2021



    A raw recording from a nature preserve situated next to a gun range in the state of washington...


    What is a nature preserve? What of Nature is being preserved in a place where the sound of bullets hits so often that it interrupts any thought as soon as one happens?
    How does this affect the plants and animals that live there? The land? The people who visit?
    What affect do the ceaseless sounds of civilization have on us and everything else?
    i believe sound has the power to alter more than we will ever know.

    (art by teagan white)

  • 8|6|2020


    As my family played at a waterfall nearby, i walked downstream and happened upon a dead moth floating in circles, seemingly trapped in the river...
    The wing from another moth and other bits of forest debris eventually joined in the dance, but only the moth remained the entire time i sat there, and i wonder how long it stayed after i left...

    here is a link if the video above is not working..https://vimeo.com/671225977