2015 altars

Altar Pieces - 2015

various sizes around 8" x 15"
acrylic, pencil, oil pastel & paper on wood

None of the items I display with my pieces were bought. They are all things I have found out in nature. Each one is a memory of a specific time and place, and each has its own story. My hope with these pieces is that instead of taking the items I have placed on the shelves, that you will bring the piece home empty and go out to find your own items, have an experience, and make memories. Take a walk on the beach, go for a hike, camp in the desert. Pay attention to what's around you, enjoy the moment, and that one special piece will appear on its own. I was never looking when I found the items I feel the most connected to. It's not about going out with the intention of finding things because sometimes you don't. Instead it's about experiencing nature and whatever that means to you. While the paintings themselves are nice, these pieces are more than just the image. Whether you go out to nature all the time already, or you need something to remind you to get out every once and a while, they are an opportunity to create connections with nature.